Book 1

"Mattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic Stones"

Strange and magical things sometimes happen on days that are completely, absolutely, and firmly ordinary...

—Opening passage

Book Description

August 1, 2012
ISBN 0985360402
363 pages (no illustrations)

For Mattie who was eleven and just a frizzy red-haired fifth grader, magic wasn’t even a remote possibility. Not in the basement of Sears in Hackensack, New Jersey. But October 10, 1968, would end very differently than it had begun. A mysterious Spyglass would choose Mattie as its mistress and hurl her friends Eddie and Geeta and old Mr. Herman Biddle across the treacherous eight precious stones pursued by the evil Uri Gneezy.

Mr. Biddle’s mind was rapidly turning the events. Mattie had thrown the Spyglass and it had incinerated. It was done. He had seen it send off the death sparks, hadn’t he? “Mr. Biddle…” Mattie said, her voice tight with fear. She held up her hand. Mr. Biddle’s kind face reverberated in shock. It was the Spyglass firmly in Mattie’s hand, glowing a pleased and self-satisfied glow. The eyes from within looked at Mattie. It had found its Mistress; no one could keep them apart. Eddie and Geeta knew something was wrong. Mattie was in danger. They felt it.

“Give me my Spyglass!” bellowed an old man with a snake-like head who had suddenly appeared and seemed to be slithering towards them. What Mattie, Geeta and Eddie couldn’t have told you was what their souls registered in a cold grasp to their hearts. This was evil. Evil in its elixir. Evil so pure that goodness had no chance against it.

Mr. Biddle suddenly thrust his palm up and thundered, “Uri Gneezy. It has begun. Again.” Biddle flicked his wrist and he, Mattie, Geeta and Eddie vaporized into a darkness known as the Space-Between-Time. “Mattie,” Mr. Biddle whispered, “you must know good from evil, for you have become the Mistress of the Spyglass.” Mattie wanted to cry, this was so important. Why had the Spyglass chosen her? The curse of Gneezy’s evil vow rang in the darkness where they hid. “I will take back my Spyglass and I will kill you all."

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Book 2

"Mattie Spyglass and the Curse of Ashurnasirpal"

Book Description

ISBN 0985360429
472 pages (no illustrations)

In Book Two, Mattie, Geeta, Eddie, and the wizard Herman Biddle are thrown apart on the treacherous Path of the Virtuous, as the journey upon the Third Stone begins.
Herman Biddle held up the wooden staff against the wind, his cobalt blue cape a shimmering contrast to the red stone at his feet. The Third Stone of Anger. The words of the Mother Tiamet said to Mattie on the Second Stone resounded in Biddle’s ears, “You Daughter have changed the River of Time and cheated the Dark Master of that which is his- the souls of ancient Nineveh. Go Daughter and hide, for your Brother of Darkness will kill you, and I cannot protect you.” A hot wind began to rise and gather force. Mattie, Geeta and Eddie were thrown back. The Spyglass grew cold and heavy in Mattie’s pocket. Two red orbs gleamed in fury. Mr. Biddle called out in alarm, “Keep your eyes down! Don’t look at the sky!” The red orbs were those of the Master Himself. Satan. Devil. Marduk. Beams of searing hate from the two eyes fell upon Mattie. The word detonated the air. 

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Book 3

"Mattie Spyglass and the Lady of My Soul"

Book Description

ISBN 0985360437
500 pages (no illustrations)

In book three of the Mattie Spyglass series, Mattie and Geeta and the wizards Herman Biddle and Rufus Wigglesworth are on the Fourth Stone of Bitterness of the Path of the Virtuous. Eddie plunges into the Abyss of Blackness, the Hell below Hell to find Trina. Seven Bitter Widows place a curse upon Biddle driving him to madness threatening to destroy the White Book of Magic. Wigglesworth follows a path to a Russian forest to find a cure. Meanwhile, Muhra -- egotistic creatures of the underworld, once stars of the stage condemned to eternal formlessness -- escape from Kurnigi, and travel to grab mortal bodies ... including that of Geeta.
Set at the midnight hour of October 31, 1936 in Depression-era New York City, Mattie moves in a mystical path formed by the Great Magician and Hoodoo conjurists to revive Geeta. Eddie becomes Ab-gal-u, Captain of the Outlaws of Hell, or He Who Commands the Chariot of the Great Waters of the Underworld to battle the rising Stal, Prince of Demons who has captured Trina. Eddie's eternal love for Trina hardens his mission to rescue her from Stal. Gilgamesh the ancient King of Uruk, who is three-quarters god and one-quarter mortal, follows to rescue Eddie, and falls prey to the Sea of the Abyss. Uri Gneezy becomes the Saghulhaza -- the powerful dragon guardian of evil, strengthened by the Dark Master Marduk to overcome the Outlaws of Hell.
Several evil entities emerge: the underwater demons, the Roanes, slug-like gray creatures who live in the Sea of Abyss; the Brotherhood of Evil, and the Unholy Trio of Tarnished Knights High Priests of the Abyss. The secret of the Spyglass, the entity seeking to occupy Mattie's soul who is trapped in the Babylonian artifact, emerges. While evil rises, though ever divided by treachery, goodness dims.

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